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Anyone out there using BeatMaker on the iPad right now? If so, what are your thoughts so far? Also, I have read that the iPad will support some USB hardware via the camera connector kit. Is it possible to use the camera connector along with something like a Korg nanoPad to control BeatMaker on the iPad?


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    hello. im using beatmaker on my ipad, but the actual ipad version of beatmaker has not been released yet.

    i also do not own a camera connection kit, but all i have heard is that usb keyboards and usb headsets are working through the usb famera connection kit.

    IK Multimedia is releasing the iRig, which will allow users to plug their instruments directly up to the ipad/iphone or ipods. i already have mine on pre-order... they should be out sometime in july. hopefuly by then, the actaully ipad version of beatmaker will be out, so i can move on from the scaled up screen.

    i do enjoy beatmaker on ipad more than i ever did on ipod touch.
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    I just started to use it and the iPhone format is sort of annoying.
    This app has an enormous potential, and definitely needs a iPad specific format. It would definitely be nice not to only enlarge the current display but to make a better use of the space.
    The current menus are not really intuitive and can be improved greatly, especially on the iPad screen.

    Hopefully the coders have taken that in consideration and that may explain why the iPad version takes a bit longer to get to us. I hope so!!

    Keep up the good work guys. This tool is worth it! Real sequencers/trackers are rare in this world (too many loop editors that don't give much). I'm glad you came up with this "real" thing.
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    I wish that i have an iPad and can play with the beatmaker..
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    I can connect a turntable to my Ipad using the USB connector port that comes with the Camera Connection Kit! I bought a Griffin iMic from the Applestore for $30 which has line and mic inputs. I can also connect a Behringer or other USB audio interface to the Ipad. Combining those with my portable Vestax turntable makes for a really cool, ultraportable "crate digging/sampling" setup!coolD

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    I don't understand why beatmaker is not compatible iPad, on the AppStore its write compatible explain me please
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    I don't understand why beatmaker is not compatible iPad, on the AppStore its write compatible explain me please

    It is compatible, they just blow the ui u for the bigger screen. So, it's compatible, but not an ipad version.
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    I wonder if Tyler even pays for apps? Possibly not eh?
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