Second beat Hip-Hop Instrumental

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This is my second beat I've made but haven't finished like my first. I guess I don't finish cause I haven't made any beats that have made me wanna finish. Anyways suggestions, comments, etc.??

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    So at first, my mind shut off to it because its a bit jestery bro, like clowny. but then I opened up more to not your melodic skill, but the fact that you do have slight change ups, and your understanding composition.
    I feel that this is not really a track, but like me, you will have pieces that are experiments. Trust me when I say that they may not sound all too good, but they will better your producing.
    Keep at it. If you focus youll get the hang of what works and whats needed.
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    I'm pretty sure about 3/4 of the song where I change up beat sounds semi decent but the end 1/4 I kinda fucked up the different beat shifting. I tried to finish it up to make it sound good as the end of the song. I rushed though cause I had class. I'm gonna see how much I improve it by fixing that part.
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