ZSnake - Jazzin (Hip-Hop) #12

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Well this beat i pretty much started with sounds that i downloaded on iBeatmaker. The Kit had some Jazzy sounds that i liked so i decided to do something with them cause they sounded so fresh. Once i got the 8 sounds from the kit then i started to make the Drums for the melody. At first it was hard to make the melody but overall i did the best in switching the sounds and overall getting the feel i wanted to get from the beginning, starting off with the intro then straight to the Chorus, after then was the verse. This beat is one of the first type of beats that i actually did that really didn't have alot of crazy sounds or different type feels every time in a beat. the beat is pretty much Vocal-friendly and is consistent with the same sound threw out the whole song, only except for the Jazzy feel and touches in it. Overall i liked it and did what i could do with it. This beat was made on BeatMaker, and yes it's Ear Phones Recommended.

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    Z, let me start by saying this is without a doubt your best track yet.
    It is fresh, clean and smooth. Highly varied and executed well. The melodies you added were very unique and had an innovative feel to it.
    I dont think this should be tampered with. Its great as is, and I dont think you should have anyone rap or sing over it ever.
    its a great piece bro, truly great work.
    Glad to see your still grinding.
    Stay up bro.
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    Wow, thanks for the feedback Scythe. I actually wasn't expecting that lol, Overall i think i did a good job and i'm glad that i did what i can with it. I'm pretty much back 2 Music and just going like i did before.How about you Scythe? how you been doing?
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    busy bro, and day everyday
    barely time to learn anything, let alone focus on a beat
    im pretty much on a freeze until the summer, im still making beats but solely blueprints for future projects for now
  • yeah this on point for sure. I'm diggin this track. Solid indeed. We still need to get down on this collabo I've been buzzin' about. If any of you are serious about it I say lets put something together. We need to establish a round table discussion on it. who rocks skype, aim or yahoo?
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    Oh man that's dope Scythe, hopefully tho you can get back on the rotation soon, i fell we really kept this place alive for the most part and it's going pretty well now. New talent being seen and new people finding out and using beatmaker is really good, i actually almost gave up on this place but glad that you and a few others out there are still holding it down and maintaining a good presence on the boards. Oh and Knuckles, I'm still down to make something happen only if Scythe is gonna be on this, yo Scythe! Hopefully there's a way you can use your free time to get on this Collab cause where gonna need ya, we need to have the original people that wanted to start in this, so I'll be very comfortable if your willing to go. I use Yahoo, mines <!-- e --><a href="mailto:ZSnake183@yahoo.com">ZSnake183@yahoo.com</a><!-- e --> and my AIM is ZSnake1989. I'm mostly ready when u guys are If I'm not busy with anything. Peace out.
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    Hey guys sorry forthe late as hell rep.
    I am most def down, after next week my life of hell is over and im no longer in HS <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->
    So yeah, my aim is relkzier and my email is...
    Ill pm that haha, my aim i dnt care too much but my email yeah
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    Ok i'll add your AIM, I already have your email.
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