Hidden Free Promo... (Hip Hop / Instrumental)

Whats up ya'll... ?

I am nearing completion of this album, and I wanted to give some free promo stuff to you guys as you showed a lot of love with my video, " the Drive Home "

The album will have 14-16 tracks with mostly vocal tracks on it. All made with mostly beatmaker.

Here are a few that are mostly finished, just slight alterations are on the final versions... But I have to save all that for the album, which I will sell on Itunes and maybe a few more spots.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.shagbeats.com/hidden.html">http://www.shagbeats.com/hidden.html</a><!-- m -->

feel free to pass it out to your friends... just drop a line to say what you thought.


Dj Shag

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    Pretty dope, I like the first one the most.
  • All Natural, the first album still gets heavy rotation. It's O.K. is still one of my fav tracks. Shag I still need to rap to you about that remix chief.
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