Bird at Dawn - A Submitter - electro, ambient, experimenta

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Hi there,

Hope you can give this new release after months away, a listen, much appreciated,.

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A Submitter


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    It's good overall, like the echo'ish sounds threw out the song as well as the execution of the FX sounds. Very unique to say the least. The problem is that it's silent for too long when it starts as well as the volume being a bit low, most people specially impatient will just move along if the timing isn't right. It does sound like a beat you would put on a video game. Reminds me of the old school Metroid games with the sounds. Good job overall though.
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    This is ambient as much as ambient gets..I'd say perfect for a movie,videogame or short film. Not much else other than going to sleep.
    plenty of people would Love a track like this, you would just have to target them.
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