Beat ive been working on (HipHop)

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Sup all, ive been working on this beat for a while, but im not to sure about it, so i thought id post it in here to see what you guy's think of it, the quality is bad, thats down to zshare plus its not finished/mixed, so if anyone feels like droppin some feedback that would be great... peace...

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    I don't think the drums compliment the melody the way it should. Also the beat pattern could use different mix ups like adding an extra kick in one, probably adding more snare's and hi hats but it really starts with the feel and the drums to me seem to not match the melody which the melody by the way is good.
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    yeah man I did think the drums could of been abit better, so il give it another try, an thanks alot for the feedback...
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    Return my bro Zs feed man^^
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    I think the drums are pretty good on this track, just like z said though extra kick and snare here wouldn't hurt. I think its kinda hard 2 make hip hop beats on BM tthough, idk i can never get everything just how i want 2. so props 2 u.
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