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If Intua made a plugin for Logic or Pro Tools, that could use the iPhone as a touch-screen MIDI input to record drum patterns into a session, they would rule the world. You'd just plug your iPhone into your compy via USB, load up Logic, add the Intua plugin and apply an instrument to the track, then start recording, and as you hit pads on the iPhone, they get recorded as MIDI data in the track. Man that would be bad ass...


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    I've been thinking about this since the iPhone came out, but these guys want $150 for it! I'm all about paying for software and supporting developers (see my review for Beatmaker at the app store by TaylorTheDiscordian), but that seems a bit pricey for what it does, though very cool. I guess that a jazzmutant lemur is a couple thousand, so maybe I shouldn't bitch, I'm just not sure it's worth that much to me. I would think that apple would come out with a free one for logic at some point to nudge users into getting an iPhone.
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    I think that Apple will be makeing a app like this for Garage band or maybe Logic.

    This remote control app is very complete for controling things a DAW with all the faders and vu so I can see that they want to charge a lot. It does seem kind of steep price wise for a hobbist like myself.

    I think that I might be happier with something simpler (and cheaper) with just transport controls maybe volume and vu for armed track or master volume. I have to add about 15 secs to the begining of songs to run from my computer to go into the the goboed space I do overdubs. Being out of shape I end up being winded when I have to sing or banging my guitar into a mike. What a joy it would be to control all this from a distance.

    I have been enjoying the itunes controler.
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