New track, Phase- by Broken Scythe

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Whatsup guys. So I actually have two new finished up tracks that I like enough to upload, but my other(Relapse) is apparently jinxed. Beatpack is really buggy and slow, so Im hoping that ftp servers in BM2 will be a big help.
i'll keep trying because I really dig what i did with t, but for now I have Phase.
This track was made with rap in mind, however I took it a different route and made it my own little message. I dropped some thoughts of mine towards the end.
I'd appreciate any feedback guys.
(Facebook is my new Soundclick btw)


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    Really smooth track, as well as very ambient to say the least. You really are getting better man, keep at it since your potential is growing and I'm not kidding. Another hot Scythe Production. Also everything said on this track is true lol. Peace.
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    That's a sweet piano riff on that "Just Waking Up". I always like the smooth stuff.
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