New Beat BenjaminGrimm!!!!



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    Whatup bro, very hardcore stuff. its original and sounds heavy. I have to ask, if you can grab a guitar a play something drop D and record it... dude you'd be making something fairly original if you combined it with hip hop beats.
    I think you have potential to be sick with this style.
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    Thanx man. I've always been into underground hip hop. I've been rhyming about 10 years longer than I've been making beats. My cadence when I rhyme would fit BlockHead or Maker maybe Blue Sky Black Death. But I try to be purest I sample I usually chop out individual notes and create. Thanx for the feed back. How do you make your beats?
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    Nice man, very different approach from me.
    Usually ill be playing with something, a piano,drum kit, guitar, an app...ect
    i get a spark and something good pops in my head, but im lacking in theory and experience so my idea becomes distorted as i drop it. And boom i get my base, then work around it.
    Im not really withing a specific groove, i guess because i havent quite found my style yet.

    Anyways, i dig what your doing bro, keep grinding. Wheres those rhymes though? Im curious about those man.
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