Bezserker Productions - Two new southern bangers up!!

What's good, Two fresh southern bangers up - "That's What I'm Cocking & "Haunted House....Check the heat...killing this shit..

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    The Quality is very good and your style is kinda similar to a Vybe Beats type Producer. The Melody on the Beats sound good. I like Haunted House More then That's what i'm cocking from a certain Standpoint. In Haunted House there is a sound like a squeaky noise that should of been left out or you should of used a different sound, maybe a synth that matches it good, The Production makes up for it ALOT tho which is good. That's what i'm cocking as well has its good points. There both very good quality wise to say the least.
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    Good looks on the feed....appreciated. Uppin..
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    Let's get it...
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