New to Beatmaker, in need of guidance

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So I'm interested in using Beatmaker as a tool to help program my own beats and to further myself as a more rounded, versatile musician. I've been actively playing music for about 5-6 years now, but it's been mostly harmonica, drums some guitar and writing lyrics. I think Beatmaker could really help me produce beats especially for the lyrical stuff.

This is a full version of the track as it stands right now. Looking more more compositional suggestions and maybe mixing suggestions more than anything else at this point. Props to Scythe for nice ending.

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Anyway, the link below is what I've been able to come up with so far. I'm sure it's riddled with all sorts of newbie problems, mistakes and faults that anyone with a trained ear can pick up on. I know it's not done and I'm not even sure If I like it, but I cannot figure out where to go next/what needs fixing replacing.

Please Guru's of Beatmaker (or beat making in general) Instruct me!

(The)Thanx in advance!

*EDIT link fixed, the soundcloud one has the samples, the looperman is just the beat.
Recently added: Updated All drums, including changing out that crap DnB loop from before for something far nicer. More melody and bass line as well. Please give it a listen!

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    I think youre underestimating yourself. I liked this track a lot, its different and smooth.
    Plus i had flashbacks of how my bros, sisters n me would all watch this movie and munch on popcorn.
    you shouldve got the sample of "Oooooo you dirty raaat, you killed my bruthaaaa!"
    you obviously have an ear for music. its something only certain people have, ad your experience with instruments shows.
    I say move foward and keep at it. Its how we all started here. As time passes, you'll understand that producing with software is very much like playing and learning an instrument
    good job for a first start. Great job period
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    Thanks for the feedback! I've gotten a few responses from a few people now, and I think if you listen to something too much you just kinda get sick of it anyway... FYI for anyone else who may check this out, the link is currently broken because the track was removed due to copyright infringment... I guess I need to find a place to post it that accepts Fair Use laws on this sort of thing...

    *Edit Good call on the sample idea too! Now I'm torn between that line and "the wise man say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza."
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    I saw that(I got a looperman account btw, thanks for that)
    I think you should just becareful with how openly you use the samples. You did use a lot of em eh?
    Maybe look for royalty free stuff.
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    honestly my whole reason for making the song was how awesomely quoteable that movie was... Maybe it's just that I watched it every day as a kid...
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    Starting statement
    bravo brother, you're picking up quick. You're taking a music class you say?
    Yes this movie is very quotable, and I love that my family has it on VHS lol
    great advance in all ways, melodic, percusiion, movement and you switched it up as well.
    Simple ending = solid ending. So I'd say to use that little oriental melody you have (you know, the guitar type melody) and just do a rising velocity gain stuuter effect.
    Best way I can explain is like this
    1-8=1 lowest velocity, 8 highest
    da=first note of that melody
    da1 da2 da3 da4 da5 da6 da7 da8 ta dada TA do ri me fa so lo do
    Lol, hope I got my idea across, its a suggestion btw. You can go about hat ending a million ways, but i think bring it back to that melody PLUS a substantial sample quote would be excellent.
    good job, keep at it.
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    haha the music class thing... well sure life is a music class, and i've taken plenty of music classes in recent history, but in the past my teachers have told me i can use copy written material (mostly images for film classes actually) as long as its for educational purposes. But yea, I've taken enough theory know how little I really know, I'm not composing any Jazz standards, or classical using figured bass, but I know what it is... Is it really that close to an ending? I guess it is.

    Now you lost me on the oriental guitar... It's all piano, but I THINK I know what your talking about... So you're saying I should just take that first note and... now I get what you're saying. Good call, I'm totally doing that. I think I'm still gonna extend DnB part a bit, and go back to the original beat with the B section bass line. But I like you're idea for an end, and I definitely wanna end on a strong quote. Thanks again for the feedback.

    *Edit- I was also feeling mighty stuck until I read this by the way. Now I'm just itching to get back to it. So thanks for that too.
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    Check the heat on my page....

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