abel25-Kickass Song

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hey guys, just made another song. im planning to add vocals to this one. what do u guys think of it so far?

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    Nice beat, Abel. I would like to hear more bassline though. I like where you put the snare. Snappy!
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    Yo I was jammin' to Funky Song, shyt is dope son!
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    Free style techno was tight until that bass line dropped, it's too much and doesn't quite fit the song to me. I would keep it all the same but switch up that bass line..... I see it was a freestyle so I get it, just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. It's nice to get another style of beats through the beat maker.
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    thanks for the feedback. listened to chuuch e2unes. really digging it. love the ol school sound with the low piano notes.
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