A wish list to improve BeatMaker with great features

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A- Export capabilities expanded

a1. Midi export: allowing the possibility to export
1. full song in many tracks,
2. full song into single tracks
3. single patterns (one track per pattern),
4. single pads (one track per pad)

a2. Audio export: allowing the possibility to export
1. full song in many tracks
2. single patterns (one audio track per pattern),
3. single pads (one audio track per pad)
4. Checkbox option: export samples

B- Pattern edition expanded:

We can currently edit: velocity, pan, pitch, groove, etc. Can be great to add add FX 1 & FX 2 send parameters (this allow being yet more creative adding effects to a single hit, part or pattern)

C- Sample search:

Hard to find samples within little screen device. A simple text search box somewhere can permit user to look for ''clap'' or "snr" samples easily

D – Instant Remix Tool

Convert pattern, track, song to pad: once you finish a good part of a song, you cxport it to a pad. Then you can construct your song and create instant remix ! Great to work in live sets !

E Beatpack improvements:

Possibility to upload / download bulk samples or folders: and not only one by one.

F Drum machine emulation checkbox:

Into pattern menu, recording in loop mode only plays pattern one. Example: I record pattern 1, a kick. Then, without stopping recording I press for ''new'' and record snare sound (pattern 2) Then I push on ''new'' to create pattern number 3 (to add h.hats for example) but pattern 2 does not sound anymore. So I'm only listening pattern 1 + current recording pattern... but nothing in between.

Good to keep sounding all the patterns in the meantime you add new ones as old drum machines behaviour. This allow you listen the full patterns sounding then add some variations without overlapping notes.

That’s all folks !


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    We already can export midi.
    As well as export our songs.
    And you can export whole folders and import folders as well
    Dude. Read the manual?
    As for that other stuff, hopefully BM2 will have it.
    Because BM1 is pretty much done.
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    As customer I have rights to suggest improvements to my vendor, isn't ? I know, you like to play the game of sales representative but you can be sure: you're not Intua justice-hero. So if you do not have nothing to add to my post, please, pass away and do not write (I've already seen you answers to other people without respect)

    i.e.: I know very well export capabilities: For that reason I write as 'expanded'

    So please read again all my suggestions. Feel free to use your full know how to add some value.

    Coming back to concrete things :

    Except the ability to export & import folders (my fault), all my other suggestions are not in.
    So It's not pretty much done. At all.
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    Right, well perhaps I misinterpreted what you wrote.
    Justice hero? That one made me laugh. Im actually not justifying the crap customer service Intua. However, what they have made is a pretty strong software.
    As for going back to reality, you may want to grow up and recognize that yea, you have every right to state your opinions and suggestions. However, it just isnt happening. You know that.
    Dont try and be bitter about it. You can say what you want.
    Im just being realistic.
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