BM users unite.

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Alright so look tired of looking up Beatmaker on Youtube and seeing a bunch of fucking kids just recreate radio shit.
How the hell are people going to take this shit seriously if all we're showing on there is that lil 13 year olds can recreate "lollipop" by lil wayne.
Whos down for a video collaboration. SERIOUSLY.
Each of us show our process of making tracks on an idevice. Legitimately show yourself making a beat.(you can cut out parts where your having trouble with improvision)
Whos down? Fuck waiting for Bm2, I want justice damnit.


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    Yo X I agree with what your saying but we have to wait to see what BeatMaker 2 offers as far as functionality. One of the reasons people aren't taking these apps seriously is because they lack certain features that either software programs or hardware samplers have had for years. I've had producers tell me Beatmaker was a toy because it couldn't do things they're MPC did. I couldn't argue with them because they we're right. If your gonna make a real video you better at least be competing with what's out there. Because soon after you make the video your gonna be questioned. Can you do this? How come you can't do that. Believe me I know. I'd rather make a video with something that is more complete than what we're currently using. You see alot of videos of producers making beats on the MPC because it's a complete production center. Same with Fruity Loops and Reason. If I make a vid I want it to be with me working with no limits. I want it to be no question we can compete with anything out there, that's just me.
    (by the way this is Rapresenta I changed my forum name)
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    I Agree with Rapresenta.
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