Does Anyone Else Use only Samples? (no synths)

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    about time i fucking hear a good song. i love it. where did u get the trumpet samples. ive been looking for those. and the snares. i love them. let me know cuz i need new samples
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    good song from everyone in general not just u. lol
  • I got them off a YouTube video that had jazz music then I turned it into an mp3 and the used audacity to export to wav. Then put it in beatmaker and chopped it up and went from there.
    You can get samples from any song you can find I chopped up an old munch flick on the "your no match for my b boy stance"
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    Man, I chop the HELL outta stuff. I have like 20 thousand mp3's I've collected over the years, including my father's vinyl collection that he's partially converted to .mp3 and whatnot. I need to get him a usb turntable and let him loose on the rest of his record collection. I'm a selfish bastard because I then show up with a pocket TB hard drive and wait for his ass to leave....*ZZZZIIIPPPPP!* Then, I'll hear something and just chop the hell out of it. Bout to post a new beat I just did where I got chops from a few old records and just used them as sounds to pitch-shift on beatmaker and go to town.
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    I'm digging how you play that kick with varying levels. Whenever I try to explain to people what intua beatmaker is, they never realize that an "app" can do all the things you did with this beat. However, I'm not feeling how long it took for the real beat to drop. DAMN! This beat should have come out the gate with the real kick and snares! Real talk, I wouldn't be interested in this beat had I just heard the beginning, but when it really starts banging? WHEW!
  • Thanx I'll probably go back and throw those drums in a little earlier .
    But yeah I've been using a lot of samples lately I think From dust to dusk uses a lot too I usually try to incorporate more later in the song so it doesn't get boring.
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    nice beats pimpin'... I agree with the last poster, them drums were too hot to be put on hold... My other piece of advice is just to work on them levels and you'll be straight... It's hard though with beat maker, what sounds good on your speakers or headphones, may not sound the same on others...

    I also was feeling Dust till Dusk, same suggestions on that one too... Good stuff pimpin'..

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