PdxLou TameV1 (Other) Mixed Pluck It

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TameV1 Mp3
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With permission of Mb, I took the samples of his Pluck It loop / Waves he uploaded and formed a new loop.
I used 3 of the available Pluck it waves and downloaded them to the phone.
I used 1 of the BeatMaker Kits: Loud Stuff.bmk
There are 8 total patterns to this. Maybe I could have used less, but this is new to me.

I 1st loaded up the BeatMaker software on my Iphone and loaded up the Loud Stuff BeatKit. At first I took the 3 of the Pluck it waves and imported them onto the Pads that I was not going to use. I ended up loading one of the Pluck it waves a 2nd time onto another pad.

Pad 16 Pluck it wave 1
Pad 15 Pluck it wave 2 Chopped to shorten it
Pad 14 Pluck it wave 3 Chopped so all I had was the 1st ¼ of the wave.
Pad 15 Pluck it wave 3

I looped the Pad 16 Pluck it 1 wave a few times to get the loop I was looking for.
I ended up setting it up for 174BPM to get the loops to line up correctly.

I then added in some Base to give the loop some beat.
I then took the next Pad 15 Pluck It 2 wave and used the Graphic Edit and “Cut” the wave short.
I didn’t need the whole reverb of the wave.. Once chopped I added it to the loop.
I was down to the last Pad 14 Pluck It 3 wave. I ended up having to import the same Pluck It wave to another Pad.. I wanted to use the first 1/4t of the wave in the 1st few beats, but didn’t need the rest. I then took the Pad 15 Pluck It 3 wave and added it to the loop in full.

I think it sounds pretty good and not to shabby for a newbie opinions may vary lol

What I did notice was that there is that crackle.. I posted this in the support area to maybe find an answer.. I was told that it may be due to so many samples playing lout and to turn down the volume . I turned down the volume on EVERYTHING to the same notch, and it still had this crackle in the sound… I think I narrowed it down to the “Cuts” I made in the waves to shorten them to my taste… In the Older version of BeatMaker, I noticed that when you Cut something using the graphical editor, it added a pop to the end of the sample when played.. I think this is still the same thing, but not as loud as before. I’m not sure why its not being cut clean.

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