NEW BEAT! Maybe my first placement..."UHHH"`

Some friends of mine with some serious buzz in the underground scene who've toured everywhere and whose last collaborative effort is still one of my favorite rap album in years are looking for beats, so I've heard. So, I decided I'd give them this new beat I been working on since I have more beats than I need for my own project. I've been making beats for a year now, and only on intua beatmaker. I've since bought a desktop to run a DAW and what not, but it keeps crashing whenever I try to mix anything, so I'm still stuck with beatmaker until I can get some legit software (i.e. Cubase 5.5 and a midi controller and an NI Maschine = my wishlist). Until then, bang to this new one:

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People still don't believe me when I say I use a phone to make beats.


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    Yo Q I'm liking this track. Please post the complete track with vocals when it's done.
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    That'll be on them when and if they choose it, and even then I'd have to wait for them to record it and release it. It'll be quite some time yet, and even then, you'd have to buy it. How I look bootlegging my OWN first placement??!? lol
    Now, if they DON'T choose it, I'll put it up for sale for an excellent price.
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    QueMusiQ - Baby (Ooh)

    Lemme know.
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