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Whats up everyone...?

I do a new track for this Surf company every six months or so.

They provide a theme for their photo shoots and I develop a track to match.

This one was based off of WALL STREET 2 with Shia Lebouf and Michael Douglas... They shot in a big time Wall Street Office in NYC, as you will see by the photos on their site!

So the sample I sampled for this latest beat if you can guess it, was originally featured in the first WALL STREET film with Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas.

Its always fun and they are a quality company! Need a wetsuit that the celebs wear? This is the company...

I am in the middle of making a new Mix CD featuring all the beats I made for them in the past few years... This will be available in surf shops for free, and also on itunes for download. All instrumental... This will be released on NEW YEARS!

They also feature some of my music in their surf videos. CHeck them out .

Since I only use Beatmaker for my tracks now, This beat was made on it.

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Dj Shag!

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    Yo DJ Shag I'm feeling all your tracks dude. Keep em coming!!!
  • Thanks ... Be sure to download the free album coming next month! 17 tracks ! For free! And some art to look at! Oh and a free music video shot on the iPhone!

    Thanks for listening!
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