ZSnake - Tango (Hip-Hop - Latin)

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Back with a beat off of BM1. This beat was aggravating as hell, since i couldn't get any type of sound that i personally liked out of the sample. The Kit's from the Montevideo Kit pre-installed in BM. At the end i did what i could, i adjusted the drums to my liking as well as the bass. The tango stabs i decided to leave mostly unchanged cause they way it sounded was the best way it could have been left off with. I upped the bass to give it a bit more of that fill sound of audacity. I just gave t the name cause the samples are Tango. Forgot to add my tag on it lol. Anyways few more BM1 beats to come soon.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9946551">http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9946551</a><!-- m -->

Soundclick added automatic play for non VIP's i think. As soon as you click the link, the song will play.


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    Yeah Z youre still growing strong bro! getting better and better I see! Your style is a lot like DJ Shadows now that I think about it, you should consider using vox samps more, theyd fit your tracks a lot.
    o, join this site called Looperman.com
    Trust me, its well worth it, if you do you can expect me to drop more specific legitimate feed, and Ill even intro you to everyone, get you a lot of looks. Its a great siter, really helps you progress. I listened to Tango and itwasnt my favorite...I guerss because I feel yourpast that level. But "Z" was just GREAT Really dug it.
    Let me know if you get on the Loop, hit me up anytime at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:broken.scythe@yahoo.com">broken.scythe@yahoo.com</a><!-- e --> bro. feel free to send me your newest track links and ill scope em direct.
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    I actually made an account on there. I was trying to hear your music then i found out that you use Looperman. I was so close to deleting mine cause i just made a youtube account for my music. Soundclick isn't working out that well either, I just use it cause of the unlimited upload count. I'm probably gonna convert to Youtube completely soon tho since it's just the same but with video. I'll also take you on your request in the Looperman website. I haven't uploaded nothing i there yet but I'm gonna see what I'm gonna do with soundclick, since i usually see it as my main source.
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