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Just got iphone and Beatmaker and So far Beatmaker is great. But is there an app that lets me call up songs from the onboard ipod app, and clip out samples without connecting to my labtop? I have ableton on my macbook pro. So I can create and save sample clips there. But I am hoping to create achieve this condition just on the iphone. This is the senario I want: find drum break on song in the ipod app. Open song in "editing" app, clip out drum break (as .wav.) Load this clip to Beatmaker. Make Beat!



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    That feature you are talking about may be on BM2, but I have no idea if it will be on it. I do know that you currently cannot do that on BM1 or any other music making app yet. The iOS 4.2 update lets devs do that, but intua would have to implement it. Hope I helped
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    Get equalizer and audioview from app store. Equalizer let's you take songs out of your iTunes library. Then you can copy from equalizer and paste it into audioview then do general pasteboard copy and then paste in beatmaker.

    I did this on one of my tracks "Goodbye" on my soundcloud. Downloaded the drums and the sample in iTunes over 3G in my car everything done completely on iPhone without hooking in up to a computer at
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    I believe BM2 will have Library access. In the meantime, there is Twisted Audio Editor which has Intua pasteboard compatibility as well as the aforementioned options.
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