ZSnake - The Factory (Hip-Hop)

edited December 2010 in BeatMakers Showcase
I actually had a similar beat like this done a while back, i mean when i just started but then i lost the beat due to some malfunctions with BeatMaker. I decided to make it again but with a different fell. This was not made with the Pre-Installed Beatmaker Kits. I decided to start with a fresh template and added what i wanted as i went along. I gave it this name due to the rhythm i was getting with my drums an sample. I kept this not to complicated since i wanted that solid feel around the sample. The Remix of this beat is a 8 Bar Loop Threw out with Fx's and Vox's added. Personally i like the remix better for my own satisfaction but had fun making both. Both Pre-mixed with Izotope and T Racks.

Peace & Love.

The Factory:
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The Factory REMIX:
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