ZSnake - My Lead (Beats Instrumental)

edited January 2011 in BeatMakers Showcase
This is pretty much my last beat on BM. This beat isn't a long beat due to only being the Intro/Verse/Chorus. The Pre Kit i used for this was Beat Makers New-O Kit. The sounds where not really the sounds i was looking for but i wanted to use them regardless to make a beat with them to test myself. Overall i did what i could o manipulate the sounds, I tried to give the drums that live feel, as well as giving the sound overall that synthy fell. I added little Fx's threw out as well to give it a different vibe between verse's. I honestly wouldn't call this hip-hop completely but something else lol. I mixed it in FL studio, and pretty much compressed it and took out some muddiness and other things of sort. I think of flying little aliens playing drums when i hear this lol, anyway enjoy, Last beat in BM, Can't wait for BM2!!!!!!

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