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Is there an easy way hear a single track in isolation on the fly? Pro Tools (and other programs) has the Solo button in the track settings which mutes all other tracks simultaneosly. Is there an easier way to do this in BeatMaker 2 than muting the other tracks one by one? Maybe add this in the next update??

So far BeatMaker 2 seems like a quantum leap ahead of the first one. Great job!


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    try through the mixer..
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    Sept bathe best idea, since aid right now there isn't a "solo" setting. Keep in mind that multitouch is an option as well. So you can mute as many padsas you can touch. If you really want solo something efficiently in the current vers, make a new samp instrument, then place that samp you'd like to solo. Clone your sequence in Sampler 1 then move it down to your sequence in Sampler 2. Now felts all occurences of your solo sample in sampler 1s sequence and single it out in sampler 2s sequence. If you'd really like you could do this for multiple samples and this could be a great way to control live situations. (Alternative to muting and such, but in the mixer you have volume and panning!)

    Hope I helped.
  • I'll have to try it but I think Solo in the mixer will only solo an entire instrument (which could be on multiple tracks), not a single track you may be recording. Thanks for the suggestions though, very helpful.
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    O I understand, that's why I mentionethe painful but effective way of seperating the sample into another track/instrument alltogether. It sucks in a way but hopefully it gets worked out soon enough.
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