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Is it still possible to modify the velocity and pitch data in the sequencer?


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    Yes, here's how.
    1. Go to the sequencer selct the sequence/pattern you'd like to alter and hit the edit icon(looks like a pencil)
    3. Now select the note or notes you'd like to alter. You can simply select all and only alter one or some if you'd like. You aren't forceto change all of them. you should see a couple of options appear in yellow. If not tap that little wrench icon in the top right. That's how you toggle them. Select the one that looks like a rising velocity or tune sequence.
    5.once there you'll see 3 major options to your right. Velocity, tune and pan. Selcet which of those you'd like to alter first. you can do two things here.
    A. Select "select" and change multiple groups of instances. (Or just one)
    A2. Now you can raise or lower the value of what you selected using the toggle options to the right. draw and change multiple groups using lines. Very useful for fading in or out. Or if you just want to put down a very rough change in your sequence.

    I hope I helped L=
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    Thank you sir, i was neglecting the elusive velocity pitch pan icon. Is it possible to automate other parameters such as filter cutoff, etc?
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    Yes, select the sequence who's fx parameters youlike to alter then on the bottom right select the "auto" tab. From there find that parameter and you can manually change any recorded fx movements or insert new ones.
    pretty sweet eh? Lol
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    I figured it out after checking out a demo song, but thanks! It is indeed pretty sweet to have this kind of production tool in a phone.... Who would have predicted this only 10 years ago?
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