BM2 is using the NanoSynth Sequencer

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I'm assuming there must have been SOME sort of agreement between Intua and Blip, right? I mean, the resemblance is uncanny.

Please say so, that this was lifted with permission. Because if not, man...that's just awful.



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    Not sure what you ask me they're pretty different. Its a sampling synth, no waveforms.
    How are they similar?
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    I'm referring to the sequencer editor. The same "crosshatch" system, the same note-moving system.

    Screenshots here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

  • There are some similarities, where Logic, Cubase, Protools have their similarities too.
    If you look deeper you'll see that they don't quite work the same way.
    BeatMaker 1 and 2, NanoStudio, iSequence, etc., brought their share of innovative features,
    which always set higher quality standards.

    So, let's not start a new BeatMaker 2 / NanoStudio troll, they are two great apps, with their pros and cons.
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    Ok so we had to remove replies because this thread as gone out of control with a BeatMaker vs NanoStudio flame war again.
    Come on people, please do not overreact and try to keep a cool tone. Thank you.

    Intua Team.
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