Playing exported midifile, what settings?

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1. Are there any presets for midifiles (drums) exported from BM2?
Or do I have to make one myself?

2. Are there any preferred sequenser progs for mac/pc that support multilayered drumsamples (ie. DFH, BFD), and is easyconfiged for used with above mentioned midis??


Ps. Sorry for the newbie questions, but thats me for ya, a newbie Ds.


  • what i think would be proper is if they released a vst version of beatmaker 2 so you can export the midi you've made and load it in your DAW for further editing. i love the idea of being able to make music anywhere i go, but not everybody likes using their iphone/ipod as an all in one solution.

    i don't know about you guys but if i make a really good composition on beatmaker and want to take that to my DAW to add more, i find it disrupts the creative process having to import your midi and then having to finds sounds that are similar rather than just using what you already created.

    unless there is another way(please tell me there is) i think it's a waste of time for anybody trying to export their projects for use in their DAW.

    until then (at lease for me) beatmaker is just a toy and not something that will increase my productivity.
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