Auxiliary busses? Not really..

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I can not seem to find an auxiliary send knob/parameter anywhere. I can only route things directly to the aux channel from a drum pad or mixer but that is NOT how aux channels are normally used. Please tell me I am overlooking something! If not, then why on earth are they called aux channels and not just buses/groups?

REAL aux sends/returns would be extremely important considering the limited cpu of an iOs device.


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    Woops just posted a tread about this same thing.
  • You probably already figured this out but...on the mixer layout under each instrument name there are two arrow keys. Use these to select which FX Bus you want to route that instrument's audio through (note: you have to create the FX Bus first before you can select it in the mixer). This is very helpful if you put reverb on many instruments at the same time because this seems to crash BM2 the most.
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