Please i beg for a Favor ^_^

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hi im new and a newbie in making some songs or beat using this app, and yes i have the 1st BeatMaker, but yet i still dont know how to use this, i know some basic, but i more like to learn more advance moves to make my song more profesional, cause im just always stuck on a same pattern and idk how to use notes cause i dont know the theory of music or somehting like that, but i always have some music in mind that i wanted to create thats why i had buyed this app, all i just want to ask is a favor that if someone can make a video tutorial for this app BeatMaker2, and some reviews, i will really appreciate it, ty in advance!


please read this cause this is how i make my music or this is how i compose, please correct it if there are some problems or please post some sudgestion on how i can make my music more advance or to make it sounds more profesional ty!

at 1st i use to think on how i make the flow of the sound or the intro, cause every time i hear some hiphop music i always hear an instrument that always repeating from the start of the song up till to the end of the song, and base of my idea i came up with this:

pick your 1st instrument and that instrument will be the one that will make the flow of the sound or it will be the rhytm of the whole compose or music.

Piano sounds - this will be the main sound that will have the repeating sounds all over the whole compose.
or Drum souns - just like the piano but its an alternative.
or combination Piano and Drum sounds - my 3rd alternative, but a more harder for me to make cause there are 2 intrument to combine and sync together.

and now 2nd, this is how i approch or the build up, idk if im right or wrong its just kinda like that cause on every song theres always a intro and a build up just like the sound will be fade in or out or it will have some kind of change of note and the verse will go trough.

Intro - building up - verse
just like from the 1st one im picking up the main theme like example i had use the piano as my intro, and sometime my buildup is just plain, just like i had only copy paste the same sounds from the intro is it ok like that or what?, and then its like i had copy paste 2 times the intro and the here comes the verse.

btw this is a long story on how i build my song but this is just all basic, i didnt finish this cause it will be a long page T.T, i had post this so some people that are already good or pro on using this app, can help me or can sudgest on how i can make a more powerful sounds or more kinda profesional sounds, please help me guys i really appreciate any help, and it will be more helpful if you guys can make a video on how you make your composition, ty in advance!

my genre or style that i love is HipHop or kpop , and im always listening to kpop music, cause they have some kinda fresh and new sounds and catchy, i wanted to make some sounds like those, but im still lack of experience... Thank You in Advance! ^_^


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    Haha you know you have a charm about ya. So ima help let me et breakfast first though lol.
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    Alright so number 1. I personally think your step order is a bit odd. I never make an intro off the bat. First thing I do is go make a melody. It can be simple chords or something complex, or it could just be one sample of a track you dig playing in a unique form. Once you have a melody down, then you can move on to percussion. Your percussion should always compliment your main theme or idea. If your main theme or idea changes drastically your percussion should usually follow. This is why you can't just set a 1 kill 2 snare 3and kick 4snare to everything. It just won't always work. Try to feel your melody out. Try different approaches that will let you come up with percussion that really suits your track. And don't take that as throw in a shaker and cymbals and a whistle every time. Sometimes a kill and snare is all you need. Hell, sometimes a kill IS all you need.
    thatspart one, I got class. Be back in like 2 hours lol.
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    Alright im back, btw all those "kills" run them into "kikks" im on my phone so autocorect is still learning my lingo Haha.

    Ok so now let's say you have a basic percussion track down. In Hip Hop its usually either 2 bars or 4 bars long. Now what you want to do is keep these two things on loop together. Listen to it. Now here is where you have some options.
    A. You can leave it as is. This would mean that you can't think of anything that can add to the track which is RARE. Almost all tracks can use a bassline or background of some kind. Even just simple freestyle bats can use a bass.
    B. You try things out. A big tip is to think of something BEFORE you go back to the keys. Otherwise you'll be trying to create something to boxed in. Think about what would sound good. What kind of feeling are you going for? What direction? I can promise you that the best music you'll ever make has purpose or direction. Otherwise it will probably just come out flat and uninspired.
    Keep in mind that sometimes it can be better to jump right in though. Sometimes things just flow. Go with it when it seems that way.

    Now let's suppose you have this combo of a main mel, a bass, some perc and a support harmony. From here, you can start to really build. Get rid of the looping. Now think about song structure. How will you move the track? How will it change up? For example, even the best percussion patterns can get really repetitive quickly. Its a good idea to switch things up! Throw in some variety every now n then. I.E every 8 bars on the last bar you have the snare stand out. Or you use a low bypasfilter to give it a suppresed feel. Things like this make the beat breathe. Another example is to not burn out ONE patterned melody. If your melody is 4 bars, its good to switch it up or remove it at times. Make people dig it, or miss it. Add a cymbal if it feels right. Make a new melody fo the hook.
    In an analogy, pretend that you want to make a car out of legos but in order to make that car you need pieces. You have to make the pieces that you think will compliment the idea in your head. Anyone can slap 4 legos into an open top box and the throw wheels on it. But that's too simple. Its boring. You want to make the pieces that will make people think, "this has flavor, this beat is dynamic."

    After all these ideas are spilleand you think you have a nice verse and hook with some pattens down for switching it up, you can make an intro and possibly an outro. And by the way, you can always add touches as you put the pieces together. Realistically you should listen to your track so many times as you make it that you SHOULD be sick of it. But you're not because its working out so well.
    An intro should grab people but that doesn't always have to e difficult. Usually your main mel is interesting enough to do that. If it isn't, then percussion or your bass can really liven it up. For example. If your main mel is simple, you can have the rapper come out strong, or if its instrumental, you can use fx, a high hat roll, a melody improsion.
    listen to tracks you like and try recreating them at first. This way you get one techniques down and then you can start using them as tools or alter them to your liking.

    I know this is all very general, but remember one thing more than everything I've said.
    Experience goes a very long way.
    Do you have any idea how horrible my first tracks were? Hell, even now im stILL struggling. But I can confidently say that I am quite literally 10 plus times better than I was in month one. As you keep putting in time, you will too.

    Just keep grinding, always. Here's hoping you do just that.
    And if you have questions don't be afraid to ask. And by the way, join a site called when you feel you got something that you want to share. If you give reviews you will get them back. Let me know when and if you do, ill be sure to drop by your page.

    Really hoping I helped. Feel free to ask any specifics.
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    WOW! thank you thank you thank you! for the reply, i will read this everytime i will be composing wether if im lacking of something, i really appreciate your help, but im sorry can i ask a another one?, can you post some videos of you using this BM2 cause im new on playing keys, and also i have only a little bit of knowlage of making beats, cause all i know is Bass-Bass-Bass-Snare, i only know how to make simple bit T.T im sorry if im really new to this, i really appreciate any BM2 videos or tutorials ty in advance! ^_^ fighting!
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    Haha yes I will hopefully be making a series of Vids soon. Im just lacking a solid camcorder but I will lrmet you n the forum know when I make it happen.
    Glad I was able to help.
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    Scythe hi i had made my 1st sounds its really basic and real slow and plain and really short, i had made an account in soundcloud where i upload my sounds please listen to it and give me any feedback and sudgestion ty. here is the link - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=" m -->
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    I listened and here my feed.
    first off, not a bad intro. However, after bar 8 I think you should have a high hat come in. Try and make it bounce a bit but if not just make it go on each 8th.
    The break down is simple, which I dig. But perhaps have something new come in as well. Maybe some high piano?
    When the choir comes in it gets interesting. I liked te end of the track. Only thing I can say about it is that you should try staying within frames. For example, a verse is usually 16 bars. Something different should usually happen every 8 bars.

    Not bad for a rookie Rhed. Remember its all up from here.
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    wow thank you! i appreciate that you like it, and yes i will try to learn that break down and the frames, btw please like my pages too i had made one, the link is on my signiture ty in advance!

    p.s. i though your going to make some video reviews or tutorials or something?
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    Haha yes. I liked your page rhed.
    yes I will be making videos, im just lacking a camera tha cam capture my iTouch screen well enough. My friend may be the one to provide it so ill get back to you on that.
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