Drum Kit to BM2 Help Please!!

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Ok I am really a noob at this stuff:

I have a kit on my computer that I use for my metal drumming needs. How do I get it onto BM2? What the hell is a FTP client? *So Confused*

Love the app so far by the way!


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    Sup Booch. Alright check it.
    an ftp client to my layman understanding is a way for your device and your computer to share files via a server set by your ip and the ip of your device. That's a very logical I don't know tooich so im guessing kind of definition. But its about the right idea.
    now find one of these, there's a few links to some here on the forums that people dig. I use FileZilla myself.
    Use Beatpak to make your kit. Save that to a folder that you'll remember.
    What you're going to do is make a folder for your kit. And possibly a folder for your folder for your kit(that way in the future you just put em all there)
    put the samps in now, and name it so you can identify it easily.
    now open up your ftp client and BM2.
    in BM2 at the top of the homescreen you'll see a computer looking tab. Tap that and then select File Transfer. A screen will pop up. If you have a wiff connection it will at the ip of your device and the username and password.
    Now in your ftp client it should ask you for these three things. So input them and then hit connect.
    Then you'll see your BM2 library show up. Your comp memory should already be up.
    now you can find that already made kit and uploait
    you can find those wavs and upload those then make the kit within BM2.

    You all good now?
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    100% good now brotha. I was just confused about the FTP Client, but per your suggestion, I used file-zilla. Worked like a charm. Really smooth and easy to move shit. I love it!
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