Choping Samples

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How do I assign samples to the pads once I have them chopped up? Everytime I try to perform this task (I chopped up the sample to 16 pieces) it has been assigning the very last sample slice onto all 16 pads. I want slice one to go on pad one and slice two to go to pad two. etc. What am I doing wrong?


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    Figured it out nevermind
  • What was the issue? Haven't tried this yet but I don't want to run into the same problem.
  • Figured it out nevermind
    Please Elaborate and tell us how, who haven't tried it yet!!!

    Where is the Manual?l!!
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    You tell me where the manual is but regardless of that let's move on. There is a preset options button in the drum machine, press it. You should now see options. Press chop lab. You can automatically or manually set slice points. Before you slice to pads make sure your points are correct.
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    The mistake I was making was that I had all the parameters highlighted before I exported to the pads. When I made sure the parameters were not highlighted everything worked correctly and as expected.
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