Okay I got some issues

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Is the only way to do master volume thru the phone itself? Or did I miss this...?

Somebody else has mentioned no real aux busses...there are no real aux busses here. As there is no send or return.

I do hate the knobs, as they do not turn properly.

The reverb is about as good as a radioshack mixer reverb, and the reverb jumps values at 80% to 100%. It goes from unnoticeable to extreme in just a few percent...and there are no type settings...IE ambient, room, plate etc.

A great update would be to add comb, notch, 48db lf, and sideband filters to the filter effect.

The compressor is a crash area! Even after resetting phone.

The sequencer always cuts the first 4 beats into it's own square regardless no matter what track! IE if I draw out a four bar section it'll cut the firs bar into a section and then the last 3 bars into a section...not sure why.

No ability to export a wav or mp3 TO the iTunes library? Or did I not get this as well?

I still haven't successfully used the iOS pasteboard for anything? This is a bit confusing to me...

I will restate the addition of formant to the sampler keyboard would increase it's usefulness especially on limited space situations...as it takes less samples to make full instruments.

I will report back as I find things that corrupt my workflow....

For 20 bucks tho, this program is seriously nice...and its my favorite app besides thumb jam at the moment. Good app intua, and keep up the awesome products...



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    I haven't tried yet, but does this thing support the iOS core midi thru the camera adaptor yet? I am asking?
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    Apps aren't allowed to export audio to your music library. As for CoreMIDI, Intua mentioned on Twitter that it will be added in the near future.

    The app definitely has its share of bugs. I'm sure Intua is getting to the bottom of these bugs and workflow issues, and hopefully a bugfix update will be out soon. They've got a seriously good app here, and it has even more potential with future updates. Can't wait for the iPad UI!
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    Oh no doubt about it...I love this app!!
    Def want the iPad version! But it don't look bad on m iPad already.
    This app is legendary!
  • I noticed the sequencer separating the first 4 beats everytime as well. But all you have to do is select both portions and hit the 'Merge' button, its the first yellow button to the top right (note: it only appears when you select more than one section).
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    As for the knobs, you hold down and move left and right. You don't actually turn them.

    Also, Apple doesn't support exporting to your music library. This won't be allowed unless Apple updates its SDK. But in the sequencer, you can press export and send the exported wav file over FTP or to SoundCloud in the main menu. If you send it back to your computer via FTP, then you can sync it back to your iTunes library.
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    Thank you guys
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    sequencer being recorded into segments is already noted and being attended to.. Same with the FX crashes, even though they don't seem to come up as much on my end... <!-- s8-) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif" alt="8-)" title="Cool" /><!-- s8-) -->
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    When you get a copy paste app let me know and ill run you through it.
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