rhed [ Crash Report ]

edited February 2011 in Support
this will be my crash report problem on BM2, cause theres alot of thread of crashing idk if this might be more better to make my self thread, i had did this like on some of my beta testing forum of some of the games that i had beta test, just to make it more cleaner to see, and i can just post and update anything in instant just to post on this thread.

1. the app crash while im using a 2 kinds of FX and while using the xy pad to control the sounds.

2. it crash when im on the edit menu on the track while im grabing the notes and putting it on the left or right it just crash, and when i go back, and click the load the auto saved data, it just load the last and last time that i had working on.

3. it seems like all of the FX will crash the app when your tweeking while playing the sample and then you click the xy icon on the lower right.


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