Vibrate/Ring getting messed up

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Hello! Love the new Beat Maker 2. Its truly amazing, it really is. Everyone really needs to get this app if you want to make music. I have never made beats before but will learn everything!

Now for my problem, when I open BM2, everything is fine (except it did crash on me once) but the real problem is after I close it. It seems like somehow it messes with my ringer volume and vibrate to just make them all not work. It puts my phone in silent mode basically, even though theres no such thing on iPhone 4. I know its BM2 causing this because 1) this has never happened before and 2) when I shut BM2 from the background (double taping home and then closing it) it restores everything, usually. Sometimes I need to restart my whole phone. Very annoying. But like I said BM2 is the BEST app ever and everyone needs to experience it.

Also, some tutorials would be nice, like for instance youtube ones or even written ones. I know its a brand new app and everyones busy making beats, but if any of you guys get the time you should make some tutorials! Thanks everyone! Especially Intua!


  • Sorry, but I just remembered one more important thing:

    When I load my own sample from my iPhone library and then open it in the chop lap I want to make slices. Which I understand how to do, but my problem is once Im done making my slices, say in the intro of the song, im left with one huge slice from my last slice point to the end of the song. How do I chop the sample to delete the rest of the song rather than just having one giant slice point from the end of the intro to the end of the song? I know this sounds a bit confusing but this is the best way I can describe it. Thanks for your help in advance again.
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    On the pad where the last slice is with the rest of the song is the you don't want open the sample editor for that pad, double click the sample to highlight it then click the DEL button on the right hand side, then when you shut the sample editor down you will be asked to save, save as, or discard, if you click save that slice will be over written and you won't be able to use it again, or save as and save to a different file so you can use that long slice again if you need it. But i would just use save because 1,it is less hasstle, 2, it won't take up more memory on your phone, and 3, you can always just load up the same song if you need it again, but it's up to you.

    Hope this helps

  • Yeah thank you this does help. But my main concern is with this whole vibrate/ringer on my phone not working after using BM2. Very annoying!
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    Sorry carn't help you with that I use an itouch. Have you tried closing BM2 down in the multi tasking tray?
  • yea thats the only way it fixes everything. intua you guys should really check into this bug
  • I just had the same bug for the first time tonight on my 3GS. There were no sounds from incoming texts/emails; I shut down BM2 in the tray and the sound came right back. Weird.
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    I've experienced this bug as well.
  • This problem needs to be addressed. I know you guys just made the app, but now that it's out and we can tell you the bugs we experience it needs to be fixed in a new update. Please.
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    I'm sure Intua is working quickly to get a bugfix update out
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