Importing Song from iOS Library Help PLZ

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Ok, I go to the computer at the home area, I import song from iPod. I save the song as .wav in a folder I made. Now what? How do I get it to playback? When I open sample in the sample lab it says "Invalid Sample". What am I doing wrong? Where do I go? I can't find it anywhere. If someone can break it down for me, I would be much appriciative.


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    Ok so I fiddled with it some more, and some songs work, and some songs don't. What is up with that? I tried one of my own songs that I recorded a long time ago, and wanted to add keys to it. When I do so and try to save the sample, it says "Decoding" and then stops, but I can see the sample and the size of it, I just can't play it or do anything with it, for when I open it up it just says "Invalid Sample". So I tried importing "Mother" by Danzig to have fun with and add keys too, and it worked like a charm, with the exception that I don't know how to add stuff to it. Hope this helps clarify.
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    Does it only allow you to import .MP3 files? Cause the file I want to import it already .wav and it won't let me do ANYTHING with it.

    Edit: Guess it will only let you import non-.wav songs. Now when I try and clip this track it freezes my iPod, and then it shut off and restarts. Good god this is a mess.
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