BM2, iPad+Griffin iMic? BM2, iPhone+???

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Hi all,

I'm not at all new to iPad/iPhone, but VERY new to the idea of making music on it.
BM2 is the first time I've found myself able to actually consider making tunes on the iPad, and nothing else.

I've been doing a bit of research trying to find the best way for me to directly get some sounds into BM2 from other bits of kit.
For example, my Kaossilator, Tenori-on, or even my old blue CS1X.

So - is the Griffin iMic plus camera connection kit the answer for iPad?
Would this also work for iPhone 4? (I have both)

Really appreciate some help here.


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    Unfortunately the camera connection kit does not work with the iPhone. Your best option for inputing audio into the iPhone would most likely be the Peavy AmpKit Link.

    Probably your best bet for the iPad would be the camera connection kit and a USB powered interface like the Behringer UCA202. It's inexpensive and small and offers RCA inputs. The AmpKit Link would also work, but it's geared more toward guitars.
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    Hmm bloody Apple <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- s;) --> Of course I have the original camera connection kit for the 2G iPod and of course that won't work...
    No doubt the camera connection kit will be out of date for iPad 2 as well so I'll have to buy a new one when I upgrade...

    Anyway! Gripe over. That Behringer setup looks pretty good to me. Affordable too.

    Shame the camera connection kit doesn't work with the phone. But the iPad's a better device for music anyway, on the screensize front.

    Thanks for the info!
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