Request & some bugs !!!

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Hello, First let me say congratulations to the intua team for beatmaker 2 it's an amazing app,with some bugs But very very good app.

Some Bugs :

- When I use the time stretch on a sound and that after that i uses the semitunes function on or 16 (tune), the quality of the sound is very bad.
- when i use reverse mode on the sampler ( not in sample lab ) with semitunes function on Or 16 (tune) , the quality of the sound is very bad to.
- in the broswer the sample audition don't work all the time.

Some Request :

- autoload sample ( very important )
- non destructive chop ( very important )
- activate the metronome just for preroll like mpc
- a phaser effect
- cpu meter ( very important )
- audio track
- copy pad function
- for ipad version a fixed transport bar ( very important )
- preset for effect
- record automation directly from the mixer ( volume/pan/mute/solo)

Intua team can we have some information on the ipad version ( release date & difference with iphone version ) ?

I'm very interrested to be a beta Tester for the ipad version And assist your team .

Ps: sorry for my bad english
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