Up the latency to make BM2 more stable...

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In "settings" on your idevice not in BM2 itself, scroll down and you will see BM2 in the list, tap it and change the latency to high (dosen't affect playing). Seems to make it more stable (at least for me). I haven't had any crashes so far had 5 Fx running most of the day on 3 drum samplers and like i say no crashes. I suppose it just takes a little stress of your hardware.

Hope it works for yall.



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    Good tip. I didn't even know there were more settings than the ones in the software itself.

    I left mine on "normal" (iPad 16 WIFI) because I have had zero crashes, or issues. But, for those with issues it would be worth a try.
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    (at least for me)

    No, I noticed this too... this could be mental but It feels smoother as it really should when upping the Latency.
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