Export options -- Clarification please?

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Hello, and congrats on creating what appears to be a revolutionary and fantastic app for the iPhone. Well done....

Since the FAQ isn't up, yet, I'm trying to get a clear understanding of the available export options.

I read that a tune can be exported as "one audio file." I take it those words were chosen deliberately? If so, then that means there's no option to export (for example) a separate audio file of, say, the drums, then bass, then various parts? I wouldn't expect to be able to combine and manipulate such audio files within BeatMaker, but it would be nice to be able to export separate audio files (even one at a time), which could then be imported into a DAW for further work.

Is it possible, at least, to mute various parts before generating an audio file? That technique could be used to achieve the same effect as described above (mute everything except drums, then print; mute everything except bass, then print again; and so forth).

Finally, is there any type of MIDI export?

Again, congrats on a great app. My intent is not to criticize, where you've clearly already broken amazing ground. I'm simply looking for clarification of the options one has for building upon what he or she creates in BeatMaker.


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    i think there's a work around here for the audio aspect - use the duplicate function in the step sequencer (you might also need to use the mute function in the pad section) - to mute or delete sections of the track - exporting audio stems as you go - should work fine when you rebuild the track in your DAW of choice - of course i'm guessing here..... ...as for midi - bring it on !
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    I agree, MIDI export would really make this useful as a sort of prototyping tool. A given sample bank could be imported wholesale into Ableton Live's Drum Rack then fed the MIDI data as triggers, for example. The data could be stored in whatever BeatMaker uses internally while on the phone such that the conversion portion could be in BeatPack instead. That way, the additional complexity is offloaded to the bigger computer.

    Bonus points for dumping the MIDI data along with all of the samples needed to recreate the kit into a folder in a single step.
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    Need midi export before i will buy this app, otherwise from what i have seen it looks great!
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    Yeah there's the workaround, but I agree, an option to save individual tracks would be very welcome. Seems simple enough... ?
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    +1 for MIDI export <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- s;) -->
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