Mixer mute and solo pops and latency

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When trying to deal with the mixer live...it takes a little too long for the button press to actually register causing a lot of user timing adjustment to be made in order to mute things right, also there are a lot of very audible pops when doing mutes and solos.

I also wanna note that I downloaded the manual and it was written very well, perhaps one of the best manuals I have ever read!


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    until there is a fix or a better solution ,here is trick you can use:
    1. Make another Pattern and note the place where you want the sound to Cut off.
    2. Using Velocity make a 0 % hit at the sample you want to be muted.
    I use this for long samples and to cut sounds out of a Pattern for BeatMaker 1 and others.

    For live play take a hi hat and you can turn the Volume all the way down and make it use the same cut group
    as the sound you want muted.
    Hardware and Software limitations lead to tricks that can be still useful in advanced Beat Makers!!!
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