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Can you paste into BM2?....... every time i try from Argon paste board to BM2 the file don't work.

Any help?


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    After you record your loop in argon and copy it, open bm2 and select the "sharing" option, then import into bm2. It'll ask to save and name it. Its that simple. If any more help is needed the user manual could be quite helpful.
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    Nope that doesn't work, I have done that several times now...just says 'Invalid Sample' ever time i try to load it.... It saveS the sample and everything. Just when i go to load it to a pad says ' Invalid sample'.
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    anyone encounter this?
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    I have a similar problem. I also copied a sample into BM2. When I try to load it, BM2 says "invalid sample". Now I want to ask: what kind of samples does BM2 accept?
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    BeatMaker 2 supports WAV and AIFF audio files in different flavours: 8/16/24/32 bits, integer and float, sampling rates from 8000 to 192000Hz, mono and stereo.
    What format are you selecting from Argon ?
    If you want to, please send us an email to support [at] including the wave file you cannot load, so that we are able to verify what it the problem.

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