Slice Samples into Sequencer.

edited February 2011 in Support
I love the new Beatmaker2 app and the slight learning curve it comes with coming from Beatmaker1. However, a feature that I enjoy is a feature I cannot find and or know how to use/set up. In FL studio when you right click a sample you can select "open in fruity slicer channel" and your sample gets auto chopped into the sequencer, making it much easier to use the whole sample with your current project without affecting anything or clashing. Is there any way to do this with BM2? A way to select a sample and have it placed in the sequencer. I somewhat tried the chop lab and even inserting the whole sample into one pad and just inserting it where I need it. I'm not too sure exactly how to phrase what I'm trying to achieve, but if you're a FL user and or know what I'm talking about, I'd greatly appreciate the info. Thanks in advance.
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