GOSHone - gazzy (donwtempo i guess)

edited August 2008 in BeatMakers Showcase
This is the first full track I made on Beatmaker. I really like the interface of this software, and it makes it easy to bang out ideas. Of course, like everyone, I would like more features. But honestly, I think this program is better than most (it's on a freakin iphone), and it sounds great.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.goshone.com/music/mp3/instrumentals/gazzy_01.mp3">http://www.goshone.com/music/mp3/instru ... zzy_01.mp3</a><!-- m -->

My next mission is to make my own kit(s) and try some multi kit tracks, where the drums are one kit, the bassline and melody is another kit, and extra stuff on a third kit.

Holla back with comments..


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