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SOUNDCLOUD HELP: Im trying to upload some beats for yall to listen but when i try to load songs to sound cloud from my ipad it only makes my samples availible to load... has anyone else had this prob.. if so please help.


  • I cant upload anything but samples now what can be the problem??? I worked so hard on my beats and havent heared anything that compares want people to hear has anyone else had this problem
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    load your song, go in the sequencer and click on export on the bottom right of the screen. then choose "to audio file" and save your song .. that will
    convert your beatmaker song in a wav format... then go back to the soundcloud sharing, log in and upload.
  • That worked, but when I log in to my sound cloud account from beat maker and upload it will go through the cycle but then when I check sound cloud it's not there I'm still working on it though.
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