Pattern issue

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Okay having a huge bad issue with patterns.

When I record say a two bar bassloop, and a two bar flute loop, and 2 bar beat loop...then copy it over with the plus copy or the repeat copy either I edit the pattern say 4 bars down to include a drumroll or baseline changes every pattern...this is a bug hopefully, if I can't copy a pattern and change it without it changing all patterns...that's not a good thing at all.


  • You have to use the 2nd copy Button with the plus sign then make sure you highlight only the pattern you want to edit further. It works fine for me as well as my first bar not being cut off also!!!
  • Like-numbered patterns will always match. If you want to add a flourish, drumroll, etc. you need to make sure that pattern has a new number using pattern copy [+].
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    Thanks. Suggestion golden, I must have been hitting that other pattern copy button? But the [ + ] worked....ahhh yes!
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