Check This Out! - BM2 might need to update quick

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Looks like Fruity Loops are throwing their hat in the ring...

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    Interesting to say the least
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    Wow It looks amazing. First Nano now this? lol
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    Notice no mention of user samples though...Also people are saying it is just xewton with a fruity skin. Image line out sourced the coding (xewton mabey?). Anyway i am more than happy with BM2 <!-- s8-) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif" alt="8-)" title="Cool" /><!-- s8-) -->
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    i never cared nor liked fruity loops onthe pc.

    i've always been a hands on type person. Reason is what i used on PC.

    and Beatmaker 2? I feel no limitations with bringing what I hear to lif, so there is no need for me to even consider lookingat anything else.

    The only thing I'm waitingon is the iPad version... instead of having to double up the size of the iPod version.
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    its xewton rebranded. this has basically been confirmed.
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    I will of course check it out, but for me an iPad update for BM2 would make me very happy.
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    Ummm this is not going to cause any disturbance in the force...its xewton music studio...i got that already, and i never use it...its too dorky and it doesnt support you making your own instruments nor does it sample...

    Fruity's power has always been its sample this is basically a skin woo who cares.

    Propellerheads are working on somethng though...

    For some reason all the serious companies are just being wack except for korg...but then korg is over pricing!

    If i see any more gui editors i think i'll puke.
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    This "Fl Mobile Studio" is No Match for BeatMaker 2!!!
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