so which version of BeatMaker should i buy, 1 or 2?

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sup all..

just stumbled over this app and i'm sold.
i wanna purchase so which one should i buy?
version 1 or more recent 2? - i know 2 has more stuff, but is it bug free? work ok on ipad... rampant memory issues? crashes? i don't mind getting 1 if its good enough to get my head around this thing..

advice pls!


  • I say buy BM2. I own both, paid full price for both, and find BM2 to be much easier to use. I haven't experienced much crashing myself and the patches will come eventually. If you go with BM1, and like it you will probably want to upgrade anyway.
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    BM2, without a doubt. No reason to get BM1 unless you are on early iOS devices....
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    thanks guys ended up getting 2 anyway... f.u.n.
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    Good choice man, I paid full price for both, got BM1 when it first came out. I loved BM1 but BM1 is never opened now that I have 2
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    Question: I have BM1 with all those artist kits. How do I load them into BM2? Or is this something I have to arrange on my Mac's desktop?
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