Studiotrack??? Sonoma Wireworks??

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Hello, I was lookin in the app store and came accross sonoma Wire works studiotrack app (39.99) and had some questions... from what the website is saying is that It is possible to import a song into this program and each track will be separated for edititing mastering etc. but they never came out flatly and said it does anyone know?? i would hate to spen 30 dollars on an app that was a waste of money if it doesent do what i want...


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    It's a multitrack recorder, mostly made for recording rock music and other forms of non-electronic music. It doesn't magically split whole songs into separate tracks. Save your money.
  • Thanks!! The website sure implied thats what they do if you import midi... is there anything existing that can do this.... ?
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    Studiotrack is good for vocals too!!!
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    i have not ried importing midi.

    i basically use studio trac to record vocals and other instrumwnts i p,ug up to the instrument via the irig. you can import music to a track.. and beatmaker wil copy and paste to studiotrack.

    i love it for recording.
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