Max. number of drummachine-tracks?!

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I just came across the beatmaker 2 and i must say that i'm pretty amazed by what i've seen on youtube!

I've been using nanostudio before which annoyed me cause of the fact that i could just use the drummachine on 2 of 6 tracks. Is it the same on beatmaker 2 or can i use the drummachine on as many tracks as i like?



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    Amany tracks as you'd like, as many instruments as your device can handle.
  • This is actually why I bought this, when I already had NanoStudio.
    That and NanoStudio still has yet to deliver on the promised native iPad res. upgrade.
    Oh and BM2 has better Chopping functionality.
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    excellent! this is what is was searching for!

    thank u guys;)
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