Weak filter envelopes

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Anyone experiencing the same problem? The filter envelopes respond really weird. There is no real slope in the decay, more a hard cut - at least in quick falloffs. Also, there is no dial for the actual amount that should go into the envelope. <!-- s:?: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_question.gif" alt=":?:" title="Question" /><!-- s:?: -->


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    Hi I'm a newb here. I've been using Beatmaker 2 for around 3 weeks now. Love it's simplicity and intuitive workflow.

    However, I agree with you 100%, the filter and amp envelopes suck. The decay isn't a decay, the response is nothing like a conventional ADSR, it sounds more like an 'ASSR' envelope. The decay (for want of a better term) just drops off instantly to the sustain or release; obviously dependant on settings.

    Intua, I beg you do something about this. The current state of affairs severely limits the scope for sound sculpting.
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    The ADSR envelopes in BM 2 are linear, and not curved like in some of the other implementations you may be used to.
    If you do not hear a difference when changing the Decay parameter it must be because your Sustain parameter is set to 100%.
    Try to set it to 50% for example, and you will hear the sound decaying to the sustain level.

    We may add more envelope types and control parameters in the future though.

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