Is BM2 the right thingie for me?

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I´ll make it short and will explain what i´d need in order to become a happy BM2-user. (I never tried it before and don´t have an iPad or iPhone so far.)

1. I am used to use 2 Roland SP808-Samplers on Stage. These are loaded with Banks filled with home-made samples.
Each song covers about 64 Samples on 4 Banks. (16 Samples per bank.) --> how many banks does the BM2 feature?

2. I then "shoot" these samples live and improvise with them, with my drummer playing on it. So: no sequencer involved, it´s all manually shot by hand. --> Is this possible with BM2, is there a "hold"-button that loops samples?

3. I make use of the onboard cuttoff and resonance filters of the machines. --> is this possible with BM2?

That´s about it. So: will BM2 be the right replacement to these old machines of mine?

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    hi try to watch this, you might see some will interest you for buying it.
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    ill try to answer some of your question beyond my experience.

    1. since your using a analog or an actual samper it is more easy to sampling or it is more easier to work to it cause you have all the interface on your sight, but yet BM2 is an app that you can carry wherever you want with your itouch or iphone, if you like to make music using a idevice and you dont bother of touch djing or touch interface this might suit you, but they might implement for the future update the core MIDI which you can plug any usb midi instrument to the iDevice.

    How many banks does the BM2 feature? A: its like 128 if im not wrong (16 samples per bank)

    2. if im not wrong yes it is possible, and yes you can Hold Button to loops samples.

    3. if im not wrong unfortunately you can only use some fx when you had already recorded you songs, in live mode.

    some forumers please clear my post if i had said some wrong or some not possible or some possible thing by using the BM2.

    So will BM2 be the right replacement to these old machines? A: for about 20$ for me its a must have for anyone who have an iDevice, and since you dont have one it might cost you morethan 20$ cause you will need to buy an iDevice to use the app, but if its me if i have a money i more prefer to buy a real intrument if i only have money but for portability and as low as 20$ and i also have an iDevice, i more love to use these BM2 rather than buying a real dj or music studio instrument.
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    Used to own the sp808

    the sample quality will be better on BM2 because roland uses compression on the they have a "roland sound"

    If you like using roland effects on the samples then the answer for you is ultimately a big fat NO...
    Beatmaker's effects are ok, but the filters are really shallow and bad and very NONFAT
    The reverb is like an old radioshack and while cool for a few things pretty much really 80s sounding and blah
    the delay is pretty decent but lacks as far as multitapping
    I would say as it stands at the moment, the biggest weaknesses of beatmaker are as follows:
    1. The keyboard sampler lacks deeper synth parameters to make it awesome
    2. There is no use of pitch/time/formant...just pitch and time...which means un natural sounding pitch shifting from 1989
    3. The effects are seriously weak in my honest opinion
    4. Its called bussing, but it isnt bussing
    5. The idevices are just so lacking in using media...its all browser based, fft based crap that alot of people hate...not intua's fault
    6. you can import non-itunes purchased media from the itunes library, but nothing can be saved to it?
    7. There's a couple of sequencer annoyances but i am sure they will be addressed
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